To enable GWUP students to receive high quality education, GWUP employs highly qualified lecturers, and professors in different parts of the world.

All GWUP academic staff hold either a Master degree and/or a PhD degree from recognized universities around the world. To add credibility to our courses and programs, academic staff teaching our undergraduate courses must hold at least a Master degree while those teaching our postgraduate courses must hold a Doctorate degree. In addition, most of our academic staff are also either currently teaching or have taught, in other universities prior to working for GWUP. Our academic staff are also encouraged to be active researchers and consultants in their areas of specialization.

As GWUP is expanding all the time, academics with recognized Doctorate degree qualifications who are currently working in a university or have previously worked in a university and would like to work with GWUP, are welcome to email us their CV for any of the following permanent, part time and adjunct positions: Assistant Professors, Associate Professors, and Professors. We shall consider your application and get back to you as soon as possible.

Send Your Application to: Human Resource and Recruitment Manager,The George Washington University of Peace.