About us

Welcome to George Washington University of Peace.

(Registration No. : L19000253320)

The George Washington University of Peace LLC (Reg. No. : L19000253320) was incorporated by the government of the District of Florida in 2019. Many of those in the Governance of the University pioneered the Peace work at the Centre for Peace Studies in Sri Lanka and many internationally reputed Peace research institutions from 2004 and are now its Academic arm for higher degrees Centre for Peace Studies in Sri Lanka from 2004 and registered as a University in Florida, USA.

The George Washington University of Peace LLC (GWUP) is a registered privately funded, independent University offering high quality courses and programs in Business, Education, Psychology, Counseling, Engineering, Information Technology, Management, Marketing, Tourism and Travel, Hospitality and Hotel Management, Natural Medicine, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Arts, Public Administration, Environmental Management, Nutrition, Beauty therapy and Cosmetology, Oil and gas through our affiliated Universities. The GWUP has no authority to issue our own Degree until we recognized as a full University.

Currently this University has no physical campus in any part of the world. We are going to setup our Digital Universities in European and Asian regions by 2030.  Currently we are collaborating with many Universities and the Academics worldwide to promote Academic Research through Meet-up, Publishing Journals, Technical talks, faculty Development Programs, Training Programs, Seminars, Syllabus preparations, Internship, Academic research & support, Symposiums, conferences and workshops  within the University academics and Students in the areas of UNSDG 2030 goals to strengthen Sustainable development with the participation of the Academics and researchers.

GWUP students are not bound by geographical location or time zones and are not required to leave their professional jobs in order to obtain higher education qualifications. The strategic directions of GWUP, which include providing education for sustainable development, making education accessible to people in various parts of the world, providing
affordable excellent quality training and advancing a philosophy of life-long learning, are in line with the educational priorities of UNESCO and the aims of the UN SDG 2030.

The George Washington University of Peace also agrees with the aims of the International Associations of Universities (i.e. the UNESCO based worldwide Association of Universities) that “aims at giving expression to the obligation of universities as social institutions to promote, through teaching and research, the principles of freedom and justice, of human dignity and solidarity, and contributes, through international cooperation, to the development of material and moral assistance for the strengthening of higher education generally”.

The George Washington University of Peace courses/programs are designed for qualified mature age students who want to advance and enhance their career options as well as for school leaders who have the maturity and qualification to undertake any of the programs. Students at GWUP are provided with sound theoretical and practical knowledge in their areas of studies. Course assessment consists of theoretical assignments, practical projects and examinations. The GWUP offered courses and programs are from the prominent Universities and accredited and recognized by relevant professional bodies and associations.

The distinguished faculty includes renowned experts and scholars of national and international reputation in public affairs, law, history, economics, business, international relations, education, science, communication, and the arts. In addition to the nearly hundred members of its full-time faculty, adjunct faculty are drawn from professional community, including policy makers, diplomats, journalists, artists, writers, scientists, and business leaders.

Why Study at GWUP?

Some of the advantages of studying at the George Washington University of Peace include:

Extensive Range Of High Quality Courses:

GWUP offers high quality courses in business, education, psychology, counselling, engineering, theology, information technology, management, marketing, tourism and travel, hospitality and hotel management, natural medicine, health sciences, social sciences, arts, nutrition, environmental management etc.

Highly Qualified International Staff:

To enable GWUP students to receive high quality education, GWUP employs highly qualified lecturers and professors in different parts of the world. All GWUP academic staff holds either Master’s Degree and/or PhD or Doctorate Degree from recognized universities around the world.

International Philosophy:

GWUP is dedicated to providing excellent, affordable education to people of all cultures across national boundaries through Open and Distance learning (ODL) modes of study.

Application of Knowledge:

At GWUP, study programs are not limited to theories alone but include the application of theories and principles to real life organizations as part of the assessment requirements.

Time saving:

At GWUP, students don’t waste time commuting to campus or courses.


At GWUP, students can study in the comfort of their homes or offices.

Flexible Arrangement for Payment of Tuition Fees:

Flexibility of studying with GWUP is that students can pay their tuition fees on a trimester basis or organize to pay their tuition fees in instalments

Rich Diversity:

At GWUP, students are from many walks of life with a wide diversity of backgrounds, culture, age and experience.

No Interruption to Jobs and Career:

At GWUP, working students do not have to relocate, re-schedule their jobs or take leave of absence to attend classes.

No Interruption to Jobs and Career:

At GWUP, working students do not have to relocate, re-schedule their jobs or take leave of absence to attend classes.

Availability of Scholarships and/or Subsidies:

In support of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (UN DESD), GWUP students can apply for GWUP scholarships and/or subsidies depending on their circumstances and the academic record. Students who qualify for a scholarship and/or subsidies will pay less than the tuition fees specified on this website.

Availability of Face To Face Study:

Although students are enrolled with GWUP as Distance Learning/On-line students using a flexible mode of delivery, where appropriate local registered training institutions/universities situated in different parts of the world have been accredited and authorized by GWUP to serve as “Learning Centres” and provide face-to-face classes to students in their countries. Learning Centres use a GWUP approved syllabus to prepare online/distance learning students in their countries for GWUP assignments, projects and examinations. Since GWUP is the examining body, all student assignments, projects and examinations are set, marked and/or moderated by GWUP Professors. The preparation of students for assignments, projects and examinations by the Learning Centre requires providing full-time and/or part-time face-to-face support classes (e.g. lectures, tutorials and seminars) to GWUP online/distance learning students in their respective countries. Although the Learning Centres provide students with a face-to-face ‘campus’ experience, all communications to GWUP from the students and the Learning Centres are required to be done on-line via email.