GWUOP- International Research Awards

The GWUOP –The George Washington University of Peace instituted the scheme of Research Award with the aim of distinguishing Researchers of extraordinary Promise and creativity who have made notable research contributions in Science and Technology. This award has been solely managed by GWUOP.

The GWUOP Research Award considered being the highest recognition of promise, Creativity, and excellence in a Researcher is made annually to those distinguished for their research work.

Nomination process

Nomination process is online only. Nominations can be submitted by any individual or a Organization. The nomination must include the related documents in order for the nominee to be considered for an award, which is clearly mentioned on the website. Nomination will be only considered for the completed form with all the required documents.

Eligibility for Awardees

•The nominee must be qualified from the recognized Organization or academic institutions.

•Nominee must have documents of Project, Research & Innovation, Constancy Projects, Grants, Patents, Collaboration with Industries/Institutions.

•Nominee Evaluation will be on parameters like Business idea and model, long term potential, social impact, leadership team, role of the entrepreneur, source of funding and YOY profit & growth, Experience, to shortlist the finalists.

•Any other specific technical & professional accomplishments, societal or any economic impact of contributions.

•Significant contribution through Business Management and Academics that has had a major impact on the discipline, either through a career-long record of contributions, through a prominent contribution regardless of rank.

•Significant contribution to the Business Management and Academics through direct involvement.

Not Eligibility for Awardees

•Current GWUOP staff, contractors and/or consultants are not eligible to apply for an Award.

•Acts performed under contract to GWUOP, directly or indirectly, will not be considered.

•Current sitting members of GWUOP, Board of Directors, Research Society Board of Directors, or any Board Support Committees may not participate in the nomination or evaluation process of an award, nor are those members eligible to receive an award.

Evaluation Process

All the submitted applications for GWUOP Academic Awards will be carefully reviewed and evaluated by the core team of GW University for short listing of applicants. This round will be performed to carefully evaluate all the submitted applications along with their documents for the completeness. All the incomplete applications will be segregated at this stage and nominee will be disqualified for further process.

All the qualified applications from round one will be sent to a group of experts who are members in Jury and Advisory committee of GWUP Academic Awards to evaluate thoroughly. Jury members will evaluate the application form based on supporting documents and provide the recommendations to the GWUP team for final compilation and results.

Based on jury’s recommendation, GWUP will announce the category-wise winners of the awards. The winners list will be announced publicly and informed via mail. All winners will be invited to join the GWUP Awards 2020.


All applicants should pay US$ 250 for application review and evaluation along with their documents. If your application rejected for any valid reasons, USD 200 will be return immediately with your documents.

Important Dates

Nomination Starts

June 20, 2020

Last date of Nomination

August 09, 2020

Announcement of Result

September 20, 2020

last date of registration

September 27, 2020

Date of Award Summit

October 04, 2020


  • Award enables the winner to reach out to society with renewed confidence by leveraging on the immense publicity through award.
  • The award ceremony will be covered by leading newspapers and TV channels.
  • The winner will be on a new high, a fast-track route to recognition of commitment to Research and Educational excellence.
  • The winner will be on a new high, a fast-track route to recognition of commitment to Business and Academic excellence.
  • The winner will enjoy publicity that will establish reputation as a proven provider of exemplary levels of services
  • The winner will be able to use the award certificate, citation and memento in all brochures, leaflets, print advertisements, websites and promotional collaterals
  • A great networking opportunity for the winners to initiate the collaborative research or initiations.
  • GWUP Academic Awards gives much deserved recognition for winner’s hard work.

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