The Chancellor's Message




Nigel Browne holds dual nationality: British and Irish (Republic of Ireland). He is 63 years old, married with three children, one of whom is adopted. His wife, from Central Asian (The Kyrgyz Republic), is of the Muslim faith, whereas he is culturally a Christian. He graduated from Portsmouth University (BSc Hons in Science, speciality in Microbial genetics). He later undertook a Master’s Degree in Business. After graduating he was a lead scientist researching bacterial models for the testing of toxicity, carcinogenicity as a pre-screening methodology and/or replacement for animal testing. Later on, for over 15 years, he was an ICT Manager for a global manufacturer of wallcoverings (Europe, USA and Middle East).

Around 2001, he was employed as an IT Consultant in Kyrgyzstan for an international consultancy working on various projects in Central Asia (Asian Development Bank, USAID and UN) and Serbia, the latter on behalf of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (post conflict resolution). During his time in  Central Asia he taught as a Business Professor at the American University of Central Asia, and Director of the University of Management & Design (UMD). Furthermore, he worked for two years as the editor of the English language newspaper, the Times of Central Asia, covering regional political and financial news. During the ousting of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev of Kyrgyzstan, the UMD campus was officially designated by the British Embassy as the rallying point for evacuation of British citizens. He was appointed as a “Warden” to assist and safeguard foreign citizens in times of conflict.

He was involved, together with another British citizen who was later honoured by the British Government with an MBE, in the evacuation of UK, European and commonwealth citizens caught up in the ethnic conflict in the south of Kyrgyzstan in 2010 in the aftermath of the ouster of the President Bakiyev. Afterwards in the capacity of University Director, he revisited the area to offer student scholarships and work opportunities to local city of Osh residents.

In 2013–2015, as Director of Victoria Higher Education (with the University of Greenwich, UK), in Sri Lanka, he was extremely active in the promotion of education working closely with the Sri Lankan government, the British Council, British Computer Society, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, local colleges and schools. He established a partnership with a college in Kandy, and was looking for partners in the north of the island.

He has helped many charities (e.g. Adopt a Babushka), microfinance initiatives to support vulnerable rural communities and Women’s Self Help Groups as a nominal Director of a non-profit microfinance organisation, as a publicist for the UNODC on Prison Reform, editor for the International Labour Organisation, UN, UKAid, USAid and Every Child. As an International Rotarian, he has been involved in many altruistic activities, such as clean water and sanitation, orphanages, recycling, (Kyrgyzstan and Sri Lanka), to mention but a few.

In 2018 he studied in the USA: Public School Education, Communication and Special Needs Education. He is currently the ‘A’ Level Coordinator and English teacher for an International School in Kyrgyzstan. He see education as a key way to teach the next generation tolerance, to celebrate diversity in all its guises – creed, culture and race. Through a better understanding between peoples may we all live in peace.