The following committees report into the Board of Governors:

The Audit Committee

The Finance Committee

The Nominations Committee

The Remuneration Committee

The Staffing Committee

In addition to the above, the Planning and Resources Committee (PRC) is the key central management committee. It is chaired by the President and Vice-Chancellor, and includes in its membership the vice-presidents, the Registrar, Secretary and Chief Operating Officer, and the Director of Finance, with representation from heads of services and the Students’ Union.

The PRC serves as the primary source of advice to the Board of Governors on matters relating to the development and allocation of the University’s resources, on strategic planning issues and on the financial, educational and research performance of the University against agreed goals and targets.

Additionally, in consultation with other relevant committees, it develops, for approval by the Board, the University’s annual planning, budgeting, performance evaluation and accountability cycle, annual revisions of the University’s Strategic Plan and an annual University budget.

The Senate, which acts as the University’s principal academic authority, also reports to the Board.