The University Council shall be composed of the members of Faculty Senate, members of the Appointed Council, all faculty serving as Chairpersons of College Advisory Committees (or their designees), the Chairperson of Athletic Council (or the Chairperson’s designee), members of the Associated Students of George Washington University of Peace University (GWUP), members of the Council of Graduate Students (COGS), Chairpersons of University-level Standing Committees, The Steering Committee, the President, the Provost, and designated ex officio members.

The University Council brings together faculty, student, and administration representatives to discuss issues that involve the entire University.  While the Faculty Senate may seek input from the University Council on proposals regarding curricular issues, faculty tenure and promotion issues, and faculty salary and benefits issues, the primary focus of discussion in the University Council is on other issues that are not the core responsibility of the Faculty Senate.

The University Council shall consider and act upon all matters within its purview brought before it by The Steering Committee, the President or the Provost, and shall provide a forum for the dissemination of information and exchange of views regarding University policy.