(B Agri/ BSc /M Agri/ MSc/M Phill/ PhD)

Faculty of Agriculture, in prospect of the future of the earth and human beings, pursues educational research to ensure the steady and effective supply of safe and high-quality foods, flowers, etc., with environmental-friendly and next-generation cultivation method, aiming to realize healthy and beautiful human life both physically and mentally through cultivation. By way of practical training, experiments and drills, students of high sensitivity meeting diverse social needs are being fostered.

This faculty will still vigorously conduct research and education that contribute to secure food production.? But at the same time, the faculty will tackle contemporary topics such as responses to environmental issues, securing the sustenance of biotic resources, as well as the maintenance and enrichment of human mental and physical health and improvement of the quality of life (QOL) through symbiotic coexistence with other organisms, healing through plants and animals, plant- or animal-assisted therapies and welfare.

Department of Agriculture

Duration of programs:

3 years for HND holders & and other candidates with recognized professional qualifications 4  years for candidates with Advanced Level GCE, ND, University  Diploma, NCE or recognized equivalent professional qualifications.  5 years for candidates with O/Level GCE or equivalent qualifications

Subjects Offered

  • Agricultural Science                                                                
  • Agricultural Management & Rural Development
  • Agribusiness and Farm Management                                
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Agricultural Extension & Rural Sociology                          
  • Agricultural Production
  • Soil Science and Farm Mechanization                                
  • Renewable Resources Management