Faculty of Physical Education

•Bachelor of Physical education

•Master of Physical Education

The main goal of the Institute of Physical Education is to provide the training of highly qualified personnel to work in the field of physical education and sports. Trainers use up-to-date educational technologies, a solid material base, and faculty research and teachings to realize these goals. Other projects of paramount importance include: the training of sportsmen for International teams in various sports ensuring their social adaptation after finishing sporting career, and the establishment of social partnerships within state, municipal, and organizational authorities that work in sport in order to improve the sphere of physical education.

Students of the Institute of physical Education specialize in the following activities: training technologies in athletics, sporting events, swimming, ski racing and biathlon, theory and methodology of physical education, management in the field of physical education and sport, and physical recreation. Faculty include 32 teachers (including 6 PhD professors), 16 candidates of science, three honored physical education workers, and 10 masters of sports certified in USA.

The Institute is constantly streamlining its resources for student educational needs, research, and sport activities, including a recently-upgraded academic building and a new suburban recreational sports camp. All sports facilities are packed with the equipment necessary to conduct training sessions and competitions. There are four departments in the Institute: the Department of Sports Disciplines, the Department of Physical Education and Sport, the Department of Physical Education, and the Center for the Theory of Health and Physical Education.

The Institute aims to analyze and develop vectors numerous fields including modern higher physical education, high performance within mass and youth-sport programs, the implementation of popular and high-quality educational programs for undergraduate and graduate students. Furthermore, the Institute is working to ensure that skilled sportsmen can adapt into professional society after they finish their sporting careers.