The Faculty of Psychology offers vocational training for psychologists, is responsible for university teaching training at GWUP, contributes with the pedagogy part of teacher training and offers degree courses in a wide range of subjects: child welfare, health promotion, education, special education, psychology, work and organizational psychology and speech therapy. The Faculty’s main focus in research is related to health, learning, development-related research and basic research in a broad sense.

At the Faculty of Psychology we offer courses in English within different areas of psychology, as well as within the fields of health promotion, gender and development and educational studies, for short term exchange students. For degree seeking students we have one master programme taught in English.


Department of Criminology & Psychology (BA / BSc /MA/ MSc/M Phill/ PhD)

  • Criminology
  • Criminology & Security Studies
  • Criminology & Psychology
  • Law Enforcement & Criminology
  • Psychology