Vice Chancellor's Message

Welcome to the George Washington University of Peace.

It is my pleasure as the Vice Chancellor to introduce you to this University. The George Washington University of Peace (GWUP) is a leading teaching and research University registered in Florida USA. It is also the first University established in the country in 2019. The GWUP is dedicated to providing quality education, research, and service to our region. The road towards transforming a University in a developing country into one capable of delivering quality education within the context and expectations of modernization and globalization is a path full of extraordinary challenges, and unique rewards. The objectives of The George Washington University of Peace is to develop ‘Universal Knowledge’. Exploration of knowledge originates through proper education. We from The George Washington University of Peace (GWUP) endeavors to provide holistic education relevant and required for the 21st century and beyond by perfecting and building up the mind of students.

A University education in a developing country is the foundation necessary to grow and flourish in the complex and dynamic environment that is our world today. The GWUP provides the necessary knowledge, skills, and values a graduate will require to become a useful member of society, and to advance the human values in the modern world. An education at the GWUP is a life-long investment. We have vibrant campuses comprising of distinguish faculty members and industry experts. We have strong networks and collaborations with other research and professional organizations, and World-Class Universities supporting the GWUP in delivering higher education training. The GWUP experience is founded on a strong, dedicated, and rich culture of producing educated leaders for the Global community.

The GWUP curriculum has scope and breath in the unique disciplines that make up our degree and diploma programs in the faculties of Business Administration, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law, Medicine and Health Sciences, Natural and Physical Sciences, and the University’s Open and Flexible Learning program. An average of thousand students enroll in these programs every year. Our excellent academic programs combine a strong foundation for practical, analytical, and creative thinking qualities and skills sets for our students, combined with training in civics and ethics in our unique enrichment programs.

Let me invite you to partner with us to make a positive difference in your life, and that of the community you will serve following your affiliation with the GWUP.